Saturday, October 5, 2013

Zombified Interview with Jonathon Kane

Jonathon Kane is the rotting rocker behind the terrorific novels The Calm Before (Corpse Days) and Corpse Days. The books are his first undead undertaking, but more horror hopefully awaits readers. Let's crack open up his cranium and dig around inside...

Ang: When were you first bitten by the zombie affliction? Can you take us back to how the infection began? What’s the most difficult part about sharing this ghoulish love as an indie?
Jonathon: I was bitten a number of years ago when I first saw the original Night of the Living Dead. Dawn of the Dead 2004 and Resident Evil insured the infection would take.
It’s difficult to convince people my zombie story is different from the rest. Maybe it isn’t. But it’s got the living dead. What more do you need?
Ang: If you had to dumb down the plot of your series so a zombie could understand, how would you explain it?
Jonathon: A cure exists, but zombies persist.  A certain group of people want to return the living dead to their former glory; however, the government is onto them. In particular, an Agent named Heather Storm seeks to foil their sinister plan.
Ang: Describe the lucky survivors who engage with the festering horde of the dead.
Jonathon: The main character is Heather Storm. She’s smart, attractive and knows how to handle herself in all things zombie. Another character central to the story is Stan Norton.  He’s a middle-aged man who does not prefer the company of others. That’s of little concern to Heather, though, who’s decided she needs him for help with her mission.
Ang: What was the most important aspect when writing your non-zombie characters? Realism (losers, assholes, and cowards) or fantasy (Rambo or the guy/gal who has a Rambo hiding inside them)?
Jonathon: Realism was definitely important to me. Yes, Heather’s pretty much just a badass, but Stan’s a troubled soul. He has issues, a haunting past and is forced to make difficult, painful decisions throughout the story.
Ang: Does your series begin just as the zombies start building their paradise or have zombies already gotten things rocking and rotting?
Jonathon: The story takes place in a time period where the zombies have already had their day, but like the mustache, they’re trying really hard to make a comeback.
Ang: Zombies are people too. They come in all shapes, sizes, speeds, and smarts. What types of the walking dead inhabit your series?
Jonathon: Speed-wise, they’re a hybrid. When they’re new, they can move. Over time, though, they deteriorate a bit and slow down.  Intelligence is non-existent. They rely on senses alone to track down and capture food.
Ang: Will your infection spread to more books and series? How many blood and guts offerings do you predict in your future? How soon can our zombie and human readers expect to see your next festering contribution?
Jonathon: It may spread. I left it at Corpse Days and The Calm Before (CD Part II), but I’m tossing around the idea of off-shooting an area of the plot into a different story. In the meantime, I’m wrapping up a new paranormal novel… sorry, no zombies in that one.
Ang: What is your favorite way to kill a zombie? Shoot ‘em, hack ‘em, poke ‘em, burn ‘em, or something even more fiendish? ***Zombie readers please turn away to avoid having your putrefied feelings eviscerated.
Jonathon: I like to cut through their throats  interesting sharp objects.
Ang: Do you have a favorite cinematic zombie? Example: My co-blogger Zombie Earl is quite fond of Zombie Roger from the original Dawn of the Dead.
Jonathon: Actually right now, it’s the zombie from the Sprint commercial. The one who objects to putting labels on people and finally admits he’s a zombie after his ear falls off.
Ang: Who is your favorite character from The Walking Dead (comics or TV show)?
Jonathon: I have to go with Michonne… mostly because of the sword. Gotta love a tough chick who knows how to use a katana. Quentin Tarantino knows what I’m talkin’ about.
Ang: Finally, how prepared are you for the zombie apocalypse that we all know is just around the corner?
Jonathon: I’m not, but my in-laws are. Guns, hunting gear, property. At the first sign of the dead returning from their graves, I’m heading for the hills.

Gnaw into The Calm Before (Corpse Days) and Corpse Days at Amazon.
Chase down Jonathon at his website.

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