Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Favorite Cinematic Zombies

All zombies shuffle in their own special ways, but these zombies devoured a special place in our hearts.
Number Five

Tarman is the kind of zombie that wakes up ready to party. Gooey and gross in Return of the Living Dead, this fellow dug into our brains and never let go.

Number Four
In the original Dawn of the Dead, human Steve was a pain in the ass, but he got super obnoxious after turning zombie. The creepy creep led the zombie horde to the secret door so they could eat his woman and friend. Not cool, man.
Number Three
Bub was the most civilized zombie. Not to mention, the most likable character in Day of the Dead. The gruesome guy loved music and remained patriotic even after turning undead. He was an inspiration to all those zombies who forget their cool after the change.
Number Two
This scary bastard never gets his props, but Billy was a weird looking dork before getting bitten in Return of the Living Dead 2. Is there anything more terrifying than a nerd zombie complete with braces?
Number One
Roger from the original Dawn of the Dead was our favorite character. When he was bitten and changed, our hearts were broken. Mostly because he never had a chance to chew into any of his annoying companions. Our choice would have been Steve.
Honorable Mention
In Night of the Living Dead, Karen ate her mom and dad. Pretty impressive for a kid. Though truth be told, her parents were idiots.
In Return of the Living Dead 3, Julie loved her man so much she fought the urge to eat him. Instead, she spread a zombie infection and took self mutilation to a whole new romantic level.

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  1. Billy is definitely my favorite zombie! This is three years late, wow. Anyways, good job on this!