Monday, October 28, 2013

Deadly Dee's Review of "The Most Uncommon Cold"

The Most Uncommon Cold by Jeffrey Littorno
Book Summary
Imagine a world in which nothing is as it should be. Those we love no longer recognize us. The basic laws of society no longer apply. And the dead do not remain still. That is the world in which reporter Kevin Turner finds himself. Now finding the facts surrounding the story do not matter as much as simply finding a way to stay alive.

Deadly Dee's Review
This is a very unusual, and confusing zombie book. There were several points in the book where I thought maybe the main character, Kevin, was having a nightmare, on drugs, in a mental institution... or pick your poison, because I sure couldn't figure it out. Small details kept changing, places seemed to shift, and he seemed to go from one emotion to the next with no build up. There were times I was so confused I actually had to go back and reread a few passages thinking I had become confused, but it turned out it wasn't me - it was the book itself that just couldn't seem to decide where it wanted to go. (I'm trying to be kind here by saying book instead of author.) The zombies in the book talked, which was a unique twist (not quite as brain dead as everyone else's zombies...)
Unfortunately, I can't find any way to get around the ending, 'cause there was none. None! I thought maybe I'd had a glitch in the DL on my Kindle, but it turns out that Littorno intentionally ends the book basically mid-stream. I don't even know how to describe it... the action is still taking place, there's absolutely zero resolution (not even a lead in to another book) and then bam! You run out of pages. It was like he'd run out of ideas and just stopped writing or something...I've never seen anything like it. It leaves you very unsatisfied and disgruntled. At the very least, finish the book dude.

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