Monday, January 6, 2014

Book Scarecase: "All Together Now" by Robert Kent

Gnaw into this new zombie frightfest by Robert Kent. Tear into All Together Now: A Zombie Story at AmaZon today!
Book Summary
Yea though we perish, yea though we die, we'll all be together in the sweet by and by...

Fifteen-year-old Ricky Genero is writing a journal of the zombie apocalypse. His high school has burned to the ground, his friends are all either dead or shambling corpses roaming the earth in search of human flesh, and his best friend died saving his six-year-old brother Chuck from a zombie horde. When Chuck is bitten and infected with the zombie virus, Ricky must travel among the walking dead in search of a cure.


This YOUNG ADULT novel is mean and nasty and intended for a mature audience. It is absolutely not appropriate for younger readers.
All Together Now: A Zombie Story is a gruesome, repugnant tale featuring horrific acts of violence sure to warp young minds.
"All Together Now: A Zombie Story is by turns disgusting, terrifying, funny, and heartbreaking. Fans of The Walking Dead will eat it up like, well, zombies munching fresh brains. A stellar debut from a novelist to watch!"
--Mike Mullin, award-winning author of Ashfall, Ashen Winter, and Sunrise
"Robert Kent's All Together Now explodes with action, near escapes, flying guts (and other body parts), and bad luck for the main characters followed by even worse luck. In other words, a perfect YA zombie book. But the heart of this story are the realistic characters. I found myself staying up late over several nights, unable to put Ricky's tale down"
--Darby Karchut, author of Griffin Rising and Finn Finnegan"When I say I found this book horrifying, I mean that in a good way. I mean it in the best way there is. There were moments in this book that completely spun me out. I read the disclaimer, but I wasn't expecting it to be as intense as it was."
--Anniki, Anniki's Bookcase"The action, interspersed with introspection, Ricky's back story, the story of why the zombie outbreak occurred, his relationship with his step sister who he is escaping with, it all melds together in a really moving book."
--Becky Gardens, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer"All Together Now is fast-paced, well-written, and thought provoking while still filling its pages with plenty of action, suspense, and, of course, Zombie carnage. If you like Zombie Action combined with dark humor and a twinge of romance, then All Together Now is definitely for you."
--Blood, Sweat, and Books"Kent doesn't pull any punches. This is a violent story that not only shows the zombie carnage, but also how humans can be just as nasty and dangerous as zombies."
--Pearls Cast Before A McPig


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