Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zombified Interview with R.G. Richards

R.G. Richards is the ghoulish guy behind the Zora Baker zombie series. With four fiendish books released to terrify readers, R.G. has plenty of experienced in the indie zombie field. Let's crack open his cranium and dig around...

Ang: When were you first bitten by the zombie affliction? Can you take us back to how the infection began? What’s the most difficult part about sharing this ghoulish love as an indie?

R.G.: I have loved zombies over vampires, werewolves, and the like from childhood. Night of the Living Dead came out when I was four and scared me to death. It is the one I remember most from my teens, I was a zombie every Halloween. As an Indie, the only difficulty is finding like-minded souls and the time it takes to get noticed but I’m an avid reader and discover new talent daily. I’ll get there sooner or later.

Ang: If you had to dumb down the plot of your series so a zombie could understand, how would you explain it?

R.G.: The awakening of Zora Baker. This series is her coming of age story and tells how she grows up in the zombie apocalypse hampered with short comings but rises to not only survive but become a leader of the surviving human population. She shapes the future for generations to come and her background plays a key role.

Ang: Describe the lucky survivors who engage with the festering horde of the dead.

R.G.: The survivors are tough and blood thirsty like their enemy. Kill or be killed is their mantra. Yet they hang on to humanity by showing their softer side and find time to live, love, and joke between bashings.

Ang: What was the most important aspect when writing your non-zombie characters? Realism (losers, assholes, and cowards) or fantasy (Rambo or the guy/gal who has a Rambo hiding inside them)?

R.G.: Realism always shines through. A character with failings has heart and gives you room to love them in spite of it all.

Ang: Does your series begin just as the zombies start building their paradise or have zombies already gotten things rocking and rotting?

R.G.: I begin two years after the apocalypse. I wanted recognizable places and plentiful yet scarce sources for food, clothing, and shelter.

Ang: Zombies are people too. They come in all shapes, sizes, speeds, and smarts. What types of the walking dead inhabit your series?

R.G.: I have two main types of zombies: slow shifters and speedsters. You can outrun the slow to safety but the newly turned may have some intelligence and they can be fast. Later in the series a new, controllable zombie appears.

Ang: Will your infection spread to more books and series? How many blood and guts offerings do you predict in your future? How soon can our zombie and human readers expect to see your next festering contribution?

R.G.: I have a four book series at the moment. I love the guys but have to take a break and clear my head with something different. I suppose I will begin a new series in a year or so, don’t know if it will be Zora’s universe or a completely different one.

Ang: What is your favorite way to kill a zombie? Shoot ‘em, hack ‘em, poke ‘em, burn ‘em, or something even more fiendish? ***Zombie readers please turn away to avoid having your putrefied feelings eviscerated.

R.G.: I’m a bash and hack kind of guy. Get up close and personal to do the dirty.

Ang: Do you have a favorite cinematic zombie? Example: My co-blogger Zombie Earl is quite fond of Zombie Roger from the original Dawn of the Dead.

R.G.: No, but I always think of the zombie with its arm out saying “Brains, Brains.”

Ang: Who is your favorite character from The Walking Dead (comics or TV show)?

R.G.: Believe it or not, I wrote my first two zombie books before I ever heard of the show. I learned of it at the start of Season 3. I will go with Michonne and her shiny sword.

Ang: Finally, how prepared are you for the zombie apocalypse that we all know is just around the corner?

R.G.: I don’t own a gun so I would say not fully prepared. But if it starts tomorrow, I’ll use my books as my plan and fight my way to the islands and live it up. Bring it on!

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