Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Showcase: Zombie Zora

Take a deadeye stare at this bloody blast of a zombie series by R.G. Richards. Get a tasty bite with the FREE first book Zombie Zora. Warning: after the first book, you'll be ravenous for more...

19-year-old Zora Baker lives in an era after a zombie virus has infected the world. It is more of a coming of age story than a zombie story although zombies are prevalent throughout the story. The story centers on young Zora and her fellow army buddies (a survivor rescue team) who after separating from their squad are now on an adventure to reunite with them and her brother.

These three, Zora, Brittany, and Matthew, face their own demons and hangups as well as scavengers and zombies. You have to be careful who you associate with, once scratched or bitten, you go through "the change" and become a flesh-eating monster. Those closest to you become your first meal--most are sound asleep and never see it coming. And who is going to raise their hand and admit they were scratched to a team of rescuers, nobody.

Adventure after adventure, encounter after encounter, they face overwhelming odds and discover secrets to the zombies that will enable the army to wipe out the menace once and for all. Can they make it back with their secrets or will the zombies get them? What about the scavengers? Only time will tell.

Grab your gun, let out your battle scream, and join the fight. Lookout Zombie World, here she comes and she plans on sending you all to hell, screaming.

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