Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zombies Crave Indie Authors

Good news, Zombie Eva! Zombies and indies…two of my favorite things...are joining forces! As a lover of all hungry dead things and the living people who feed them, I’ve created a new blog for indie authors of zombie books. Interviews, reviews, and book showcases on the many gory creations from the yummiest of indie authors’ brains.

If you have a favorite zombie book by a shambling indie, let me know and I’ll showcase it. If you’re a moaning maker of zombierrific books, contact me and I’ll really dig into your tasty brain with a spine ripping interview.

Zombies…they’re not just for nerds anymore.

***No offense to nerds. You do us a great service with your tech support and by singlehandedly propping up the pocket protector industry. America, nay the world, salutes you.

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