Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rotting Randy's Review of Voyage of the Dead

Voyage of the Dead
David P. Forsyth
Loved the book. I almost read it in one sitting, except that it was 4am and I had to go to bed. Now I've got to wait for the second book...

I'm generally not a fan of books where stories go back and forth between different characters and story lines, but I thought it worked very well in this book. Maybe because there were only two main characters, instead of the 6 or 7 some writers try to juggle in a book.

It was refreshing to have a zombie story about survivors in a position to have a rational and thought-out response to the zombie uprising, rather than one that has mostly irrational panic reactions and petty squabbling among the survivors.

I also enjoyed the humorous dialogue injected here and there. Just the right mix.

Find Voyage of the Dead here.

Guest Reviewer
Rotting Randy

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