Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zombie Series Showcase: The Grace series

Can romance work in a zombie apocalypse? The Grace series by M. Lauryl Lewis says it can.

Zoe and Boggs find romance even while battling the rotting dead. Along with Gus, Emilie, and others, the pair of childhood friends adjust to a world where the dead eat the living. Zoe's group isn't the only ones evolving though. The zombies have a few tricks up their decaying sleeves. Check out the Grace series today at AmaZon...

Twenty-year-old Zoe Kate is young and naïve, and quite frankly a loner. When her lifelong friend, Adam Boggs, comes home for the summer they find themselves thrust into the middle of a zombie plague. As they flee their hometown in hopes of finding safety, they come across two other survivors, Emilie and Gus. The group of four quickly form bonds and must make difficult choices at every turn in order to stay alive. They will witness unimaginable horrors and experience unthinkable losses as life and death mix together in ways that were never meant to be. Things aren't always as they seem when God's Grace has been Lost to humanity.

The dead rose overnight, leaving the world in a constant flux of confusion between life and death. A group of survivors continue to struggle to stay alive when the rules of nature no longer apply. As their relationships grow and new friends are made, the dead are also evolving.

Coming in 2013!

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