Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mace of the Apocalypse FREE at AmaZon

Mace of the Apocalypse is FREE at Amazon.
On a beautiful spring afternoon in San Francisco a deadly toxin is released. Within hours it spreads like wildfire, consuming the entire Bay Area. A small group of survivors, desperate to stay alive, must travel through a gauntlet of raging corpses, battling their inner demons and each other along the way.

Through a priest, they gain access to a partial antidote. Holing up in a hospital in an attempt to create a safe zone, everything they believe in will be questioned. The antidote, they soon discover, is almost as dangerous as the infection.

Things unravel within their walls as a teenage gang deliberately infects themselves after receiving the partial cure. They revel in the power it gives them. Believing in their invincibility, they declare war on all who get in their way.

Faith will be lost. Lives will be surrendered. Heroes will rise.
This is the first book of a series. The second book, "Value of Jade," was released on Sept. 20, 2012.

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